Wednesday, May 7, 2014

iPhone 6 Physical Mock-Up

As it get's closer towards the end of the year, where Apple normally releases it's newest iPhone refresh, more and more rumors are starting to surface, including dimensions of the high anticipated iPhone 6.

It's be a few weeks since the physical dimensions of the iPhone 6 has surfaced from various supply channels and a few individuals have took the opportunity to use these details to make an actual physical mock-up of the iPhone 6 by using a 3D printer.

iphone 6 mock-up design

As you can see from the above (thanks to this MacRumors write-up), the iPhone 6 mock-up on the left has more screen real estate then the current iPhone 5s pictures on the right. There is noticeably more space between the icons on the mock-up, as well as a full row of empty icon space to move more apps to the first home screen page.

Several supply chain channels are indicating that Apple has already started production of the iPhone 6 and is targeting a September release. Check back here later this year for an opportunity to get your free iPhone 6 giveaway here on this blog!