Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free iPhone 5c Giveaway

Lots of rumors going around about the release of the iPhone 5c, that is rumored to be out around late September. Come back soon as I will be covering every detail as it’s produced to supply within the new iPhone. And as often, check for special deals on this site for a free of charge iPhone 5c giveaway once it hits shelves!

The fingerprint chip could also be an “must-have”, since anyone losing their phone with all their sensitive information inside will be prone to having their bank accounts drained without extra security.

The biggest rumor concerning the new iPhone 5c giveaway is the fact that it MIGHT add a fingerprint sensor and NPC radio chip inside. This will permit users to “wave” their iPhone across a cost pad that let’s users pay without ever taking out their wallet and reads the NPC chip in the phone itself.

Insider information from different places in the supply chain say that the 5c is set to get a minor bump increase on the iPhone 5’s older A6 processor. It's also noted that the front facing camera will soon be upgraded to a 720p face time camera, while also having a spec bump to the rear facing camera. Also upgrades will probably consist of more storage, more RAM, and possibly an outer shell that comes in different colors (red, blue, green, an such like). reports that the most likely time frame for the iPhone 5c release is around the September month. Check back with us as always for your free iPhone 5c giveaway free supply, with no credit card number needed!

Current Information On The Free iPhone 5c Giveaway:

- A brighter display
- Dual core processor upgrade to A7 chip
- New graphics processor, to deal with the increased on-screen graphics handling
- 32 updates to 64 GB and also 128 GB (rumored).
- Multiple colors, such as green, red, blue, white, and yellow.

An extended with all that, the iPhone 5c is said to carry some visual updates, for example being possibly lighter and thinner. A “candy bar” design will be included by the thinner form factor, similar to the iPhone 4. All this while to be able to include newer processing functions. Reserve your free iPhone 5S or 5c giveaway today to lock in your spot in the next generation of smart phones!

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