Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free iPhone 5S Giveaway

The iPhone 5 is THE hottest phone on the market right now, with rumors of an iPhone 5S hitting the shelves soon. Everyone is trying to find out how to get their hands on one, but the steep price tag of $700+ makes it difficult to justify paying that kind of cash for a cell phone.
Fortunately, there are a ton of 2013 free iPhone 5S giveaway offers floating around the net that allow you to take advantage of bigger companies that are basically giving away smart phones just for some feedback on certain surveys. This happens to be one of the easiest ways to get your hands on an iPhone for little to no cost, and what's sad is that very few people know about it!

New iPhone 5S Specifications

Some of the specifications of the new iPhone 5S may include:
  •  Fingerprint sensor on the home button
  •  Upgraded processor
  •  Upgraded camera to handle low-light situations
  •  128GB storage options, with two new colors. (champagne and graphite)
  •  All new iOS 7, completely re-designed graphical user interface from the ground up.

Free iPhone 5S Rumors

Tons of rumors are surrounding the new iPhone to be released later this year, check back with us later for a free iPhone 5S giveaway offer when the phone is released to retailers for an easy way to get your hands on the newest iPhone free of charge. Check back frequently until then as I'll cover the latest on rumors a long the way.

free iphone giveaway

The next iPhone in 2013 is rumored to be almost identical to the current one out, with a few tweaks to the inside. A lot of supply chain manufacturers have leaked pictures detailing what appears to be a fingerprint scanner on the home button, so look for that to be a major selling point in Apple's marketing campaign when the 5S is released. Also, there is said to be plans for a lower-cost free iPhone 5c giveaway making a debut along side the 5S when released, this iPhone supposedly is made out of plastic (think 3GS) and will have a much lower price tag to help out those that want an iPhone but don't want to spend the huge amounts of cash or sign a two-year contract to get it subsided.

More inside information from different sources in the supply chain say that the free iPhone 5S is set to get a slight speed increase over the iPhone 5’s processor, which may or may not affect performance greatly depending on your usage. Other reported upgrades include a front facing camera will be upgraded to a 720p face time camera with a minor spec bump the the rear facing camera, more hard drive storage space, and possibly a bit more RAM.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

iPhone 6 Physical Mock-Up

As it get's closer towards the end of the year, where Apple normally releases it's newest iPhone refresh, more and more rumors are starting to surface, including dimensions of the high anticipated iPhone 6.

It's be a few weeks since the physical dimensions of the iPhone 6 has surfaced from various supply channels and a few individuals have took the opportunity to use these details to make an actual physical mock-up of the iPhone 6 by using a 3D printer.

iphone 6 mock-up design

As you can see from the above (thanks to this MacRumors write-up), the iPhone 6 mock-up on the left has more screen real estate then the current iPhone 5s pictures on the right. There is noticeably more space between the icons on the mock-up, as well as a full row of empty icon space to move more apps to the first home screen page.

Several supply chain channels are indicating that Apple has already started production of the iPhone 6 and is targeting a September release. Check back here later this year for an opportunity to get your free iPhone 6 giveaway here on this blog!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free iPhone 5c Giveaway

Lots of rumors going around about the release of the iPhone 5c, that is rumored to be out around late September. Come back soon as I will be covering every detail as it’s produced to supply within the new iPhone. And as often, check for special deals on this site for a free of charge iPhone 5c giveaway once it hits shelves!

The fingerprint chip could also be an “must-have”, since anyone losing their phone with all their sensitive information inside will be prone to having their bank accounts drained without extra security.

The biggest rumor concerning the new iPhone 5c giveaway is the fact that it MIGHT add a fingerprint sensor and NPC radio chip inside. This will permit users to “wave” their iPhone across a cost pad that let’s users pay without ever taking out their wallet and reads the NPC chip in the phone itself.

Insider information from different places in the supply chain say that the 5c is set to get a minor bump increase on the iPhone 5’s older A6 processor. It's also noted that the front facing camera will soon be upgraded to a 720p face time camera, while also having a spec bump to the rear facing camera. Also upgrades will probably consist of more storage, more RAM, and possibly an outer shell that comes in different colors (red, blue, green, an such like). reports that the most likely time frame for the iPhone 5c release is around the September month. Check back with us as always for your free iPhone 5c giveaway free supply, with no credit card number needed!

Current Information On The Free iPhone 5c Giveaway:

- A brighter display
- Dual core processor upgrade to A7 chip
- New graphics processor, to deal with the increased on-screen graphics handling
- 32 updates to 64 GB and also 128 GB (rumored).
- Multiple colors, such as green, red, blue, white, and yellow.

An extended with all that, the iPhone 5c is said to carry some visual updates, for example being possibly lighter and thinner. A “candy bar” design will be included by the thinner form factor, similar to the iPhone 4. All this while to be able to include newer processing functions. Reserve your free iPhone 5S or 5c giveaway today to lock in your spot in the next generation of smart phones!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Early iPhone 6 Rumors

A new image surfacing the net is allegedly a picture of the yet-to-be released iPhone 6. Apple usually introduces a new iPhone every year and is widely expected to release the iPhone 6 as their new flagship phone.

As to whether the image is legit or not is still anyone's guess at this point. The iPhone 6 is expected to be considerably bigger that the 5s while being slightly thinner. It should also go without noting that the new iPhone will most likely be released alongside a new iOS version which will most likel have some new features to be marketed with the phone, perhaps putting the facial recognition patent into effect? Only time will tell.

Until then, check here for a free iPhone 5s and check back later this year as more details come forward regarding the new iPhone 6.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

iOS still more popular than Android during holiday season

Even after a strong marketing push by other manufacturers of head set devices using Android, the iPhone's iOS is still at the top of the market as the number one used operating system during the holiday season. Free iPhone 5s is available here.

Most of orders placed online through smart phones were 23% iOS while only roughly 5% were coming from Android devices. Likewise, shopping traffic through mobile phones consisted of 33% iOS and 15% Android. iOS users also spent nearly twice as much online with the average online order placed through the operating system coming in at just under $94 while the average Android purchase was just over $48.

Overall online sales were up almost 17% in 2013 with smart phone traffic sales consisting of nearly 29% of all online traffic for a year-over-year gain that comes out to 40%.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Apple Awarded Facial Recognition Patent

The day is coming soon: being able to unlock your phone with just your face.

As if fingerprint readers on phones wasn't "too futuristic" enough, Apple has already been awarded a patent for facial recognition to unlock your iPhone. The technical name for the patent is called "Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition" and outlines a method to access your iPhone and other iOS devices by facial recognition and detection. Basically your face would act as a password or a fingerprint to deter thieves from being able to steal information from your phone if it were ever lost. Get your new free iPhone giveaway today.

The device is said to scan your face for features such as color, size, texture, and shape. And like your fingerprint reader, you could store as many faces in your iPhone as you wanted. Incoming calls would scan your face to see if you were authorized to answer such call, and if not, then the iPhone would continue to ring and not answer until someone with an authorized face attempted to answer the call.

The patent grants Apple to ability to use the facial recognition feature on any device, not just limited to the iPhone. Unfortunately, a ton of Apple patents never make it to consumers hands. Apple is known for locking up patents for technology it "may" use, just to keep it's competitors from using whether they ever see the light of day or not.

However, this is one patent that many believe you'll see in use within the next couple years. Stay tuned.